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World Team USA Boot camps never go out of style for a good reason- the martial arts-inspired workouts burn serious calories. Our workouts are built on three fundamentals of training: cardio, strength, and agility. Boot-camp workouts require more than your body weight to get results. They are more intense than any fitness class and more fun than traditional gym workouts- by far!

Are you ready to be stronger?  We can make that happen for you at World Team USA, where we focus on both body and mind. Join us and learn Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and self-defense along the way to get your body to the fittest it’s ever been! Our focus on upper, lower and mid-section strengthening techniques TRANSFORM your body, PLUS you’ll be able to work out as a team to get extra motivated.

Our cardio kickboxing borrows upper body conditioning methods from western style boxing and adds the flexibility and leg strengthening techniques of Muay Thai. The class is designed for those who desire cardiovascular conditioning with an emphasis on effective toning and muscular strengthening.

Classes incorporate stretching, jumping rope, shadow boxing, parrying drills, heaving bag training, and strength training. Gloves and focus pad are provided in the beginners class.

Here at World Team USA, our goal is to help you rejuvenate your health. We work hard WITH you to get the results you want. Our 6-Week GET FIT Challenge fills up fast, so be sure to come in and sign up as soon as you can!

We are looking forward to help you to become stronger than yesterday and a better version of yourself!

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