“Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them!”

The Team USA Approach

At Team USA, we are successful because we train smart and we train fair.  No attitude, no hierachy – everyone starts on an even playing field. Our curriculum is applied and taught across the board, regardless of whether you eventually decide to compete in the ring.  We believe that life offers the most intense form of competition and that each Muay Thai student should have the best arsenals to protect him or herself.  Thus, even our most timid of students will learn the skills that are taught to our champions.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national martial art and self-defense style of Thailand. Famous for its eight devastating striking points – kicks, elbows, knees and punches – Muay Thai has proven to be one of the most effective striking systems in the world.
At World Team USA, our students embrace the training solely for its physical intensity and other students test their abilities in the ring. We are aware that not everyone wants to fight, so we teach control and respect first – we are a team, we take care of each other.
Whatever the goal, each and every student gets the opportunity to learn our complete system under a controlled, highly organized and professional curriculum.


Many people assume that Martial Arts and Muay Thai included is targeted to a male demographic. However, Martial Arts and specifically Muay Thai can be beneficial to anyone, girls included.

Muay Thai is a great way for girls to learn self defense aspects. Training in Muay Thai also gives girls confidence that they would be able to defend themselves in situation where it may be necessary.

Whether you’re walking down the street at night, on a bus alone, or anywhere where safety may be a concern, carrying that confidence can give peace of mind and Muay Thai skills can help to defend from an attacker.
Muay Thai classes also help to build cardio, speed, endurance, and discipline which are also priorities of many women. At World Team USA, we have many classes available throughout the day that cater to most people. We encourage different people from every background to try Muay Thai because it can help everyone in many different ways.

Kids & Teenagers Muay Thai


World Team USA offers a structured, yet fun learning environment for its Kids (5-12 years) & Juniors (13-17 years) Muay Thai programs. Our instructors will teach your children the basics of Muay Thai and incorporate some fun activities during the classes as well.
Our Muay Thai classes will improve your child’s discipline, focus, and respect for self and others.

What sets our kids and young adults program apart from others is the organization of our classes. We provide 2-3 instructors per class thereby giving each child top quality personal attention. We also divide the class into different levels so that a beginner can focus on developing his/her basics and an advanced student can progress without hinder.  Moreover, each and every drill is executed with the utmost control and respect, resulting in a safe, fun and vigorous martial arts workout.

Team USA’s children’s programs are divided into Kids (ages 5-11) and Juniors (ages 12-17).

Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA )

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world commercialized by organizations like the UFC, BellatorMMA, PrideFC & Strikeforce. MMA is a regulated combat sport involving all martial art disciplines and strict rules for the safety of the athletes. We train you to be ready for EVERYTHING.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Taught by Marcel Fortuna who is also a part of World Team USA’s professional MMA fight team. BJJ classes begin with 20 minutes of warm-up followed by a series of technical lessons. The drills are done in pairs with an emphasis on technique rather than strength and power. Our instructors ensure that different levels perform a variance of the same techniques according to difficulty. They also monitor their students closely to encourage progress and belt promotion.

BJJ Classes include gi and no-gi training.

Conditioning & Fitness

Not everyone wants to learn Muay Thai or BJJ, but World Team USA can still provide you with one of the most intense, yet fun workouts!

Our fitness classes are fun & challenging.
>During the 60-minute class, you will execute kickboxing-inspired moves as you burn calories and have fun!
• We offer our fitness classes five days a week
• Have fun & lose weight!
• Relieve your stress

Wing chun & Qigong Kung Fu

At Team USA we offer Wing Chun and Kung Fu for self-defense, It’s more than just a recreational activity, we offer real martial arts training that will give you: • Confidence in your ability to protect yourself • Calmer, more relaxed attitude • Better health and improved fitness • An opportunity to discover your full athletic potential •

Instructor Certification Course

Ajarn Kru Sam Phimsoutham’s personal instructor certification course.

Learn, grow, master and pass on the discipline to others.