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Masquerade party Celebration!

Mascarade party

Celebrate Holiday Masquerade Party!

Enjoy unlimited great dinner (Japanese, Laotian and Thai food) and dancefloor!

Dress in your best masquerade attire “Black and Gold”. We’ll be taking plenty of pictures. There will be an award ceremony and prize for best costume.

Please invite your family and friends!

Join us here
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TJ Arcangel Birthday Celebration

As a gym and as a family, we want to celebrate TJ Arcangel his 29th birthday. However, the hard work never stops. TJ will spend his birthday training at the World Team USA, celebrating it with his second family. “A fight is a fight, and I must prepare for it”, some of the words of the champion that always continue to encourage us all to push ourselves everyday. As students, we are all very grateful and appreciative for the training, and teaching TJ gives us.

Katie Melanie lam Katie Melanie lam

“The mindset of a champion is to up-bring others”. TJ has been at World Team USA since he was a teenager, growing up and being one of the instructors for the pee wee classes. Today, he continues to teach, and encourage the art of Muay Thai to all people. As a family, we all continue to work hard together.

TJ has had many challenges in his Muay Thai career. However, he has never given up on some of the hardest opponents he has faced. “One of my most challenging, and exciting fight, was my last amateur… As many times as I had knocked the guy down, no matter what he continued to get back up.” Keep fighting, keep pushing.


World Team USA thanks TJ Arcangel for sharing his knowledge to all students that come in. TJ is not only a coach, but a great friend to all who he teaches. An amazing day to be in the gym, and celebrate one of our very own coaches, champion, and friends birthday. Thank you TJ Arcangel.

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Halloween Party!

Welcome to World Team USA Halloween Party!


Bring your Family and Friend to enjoy the Party!

Halloween Halloween

Meet Our Champions with their Halloween Costumes and guess who they are?

  • Ky Hollenbeck
  • Kevin Arceo
  • Michael Mananquil….


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Moon Festival

WTUSA is honored to give back to the SF community this Saturday 9/30 by showcasing the art of Muay Thai at 2 different events in the city. Please come join us for a fun day as WTUSA and its students demonstrate and share their love for Muay Thai.

First Stop:

WTUSA will perform a demonstration at 1pm at Larkin & Ellis Street at the Autumn Moon Festival.
Second Stop:

WTUSA will then do another demonstration at 2:30pm a couple of blocks away (570 Ellis Street) for the 7th Annual Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival.
Whether you are participating at the demonstration, or supporting your WTUSA teammates come out this Saturday and enjoy the festivities with us!

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Miss Asian Global Pageant 2017 Result

Muay Thai is not only about fighting.  It goes much further and deeper than just that.  In the last few years, several women competing in the Miss Asian Global Pageant have put the “stigma” of Muay Thai being just about fighting, to rest.  If you were to speak to any one of these women, they would tell you that because of the training they went through at World Team USA, their self confidence is stronger, they are more focused,  and fit.   This year 2017, World Team USA sponsored 3 pageant ladies.  Of the 3 ladies, not only did they walk away with crowns, they also developed life long fitness skills that only you can find in the art of Muay Thai.

unnamed (8)

Miss Asian Global Pageant 2017

Here are our winners :


Katie Melanie Lam

– Miss Asian California – Miss Asian First Princess – Miss Image Talks, and Miss Entrepreneur

Katie Melanie lam Katie Melanie lam

Apichaya “Rene” Thavichaigarn

– Miss Asian Social Media

Apichaya “Rene” Thavichaigarn Apichaya-Rene-Thavichaigarn

Ashley Phothivahn

– Miss Asian Photogenic
Ashley Phothivahn Ashley Phothivahn

World Team USA has been training Muay Thai for over 25 years.

With over 48 national champions, 18 global champions, Miss Asian Global Pageant winners, police, US Military.

You name it, we have probably trained them.  If you are ready for a challenge, want to make changes in your life, or just learn a new fitness skill set we encourage you to drop by or give us call. 

adminMiss Asian Global Pageant 2017 Result

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Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America

World Team USA welcomes 2 special guess delegates from Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant;

Apichaya Thavichaigarn and Katie Melanie Lam getting a good work out with Kru Sam Phimsoutham.

World Team USA welcomes all of Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America delegates to come on down and get in shape and get a good fitness work out before the pageant.




adminMiss Asian Global & Miss Asian America

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Marines and Navy Celebration

Marines and Navy_3

Marines and Navy_1


World Team USA will be Celebrating our  on Family Day, July 23, 2017.  Bring your family and join us in Thanking our Marine and Navy for their service.

World Team USA is always giving back to our community and our military.


Headquarters Company
23rd Marine Regiment
11 am – 3 pm


900 Commodore Drive
San Bruno, CA  94066
We look forward to having you Celebrate our military with us.
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Ready for the Ultimate fight


UFC here we come, we are excited an READY, our 6 weeks camp is done! Thank you all for your support, watch us on FS1 this Friday!

#weareone #worldteamusa #worldchampion #mma #muaythai #thaibattleboxing #bayarea #vegas #ready #courage #honor #respect


adminReady for the Ultimate fight

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