World Team USA  Legends

World Team USA has succeeded in turning out many champions. They are homegrown, raised with intensity, passion and dedication by their trainer Kru Sam Phimsoutham. He is one of few who can raise champions from zero experience. It is this pursuit that drives his passion.

At Team USA we do not recruit fighters. They are raised through the natural progression of our curriculum. True Muay Thai training will take every student to a level where they can take their skills into the ring and be effective. At a certain point each student can take it to the next level and join our Fighter’s Competitive Program or they can continue to go through the curriculum and increase their ring abilities without fighting.

The true test of a curriculum that works is whether the gym can continually produce new fighters, who compete at local “smoker” competitions or at larger sanctioned shows. A gym that can teach its students will always produce new fighters without having to recruit them from elsewhere.

The following are gladiators who chose to take it to the next level. They are Team USA’s up and coming fighters.

Team USA meticulously chooses its MMA fighters for the MMA Fight Team. True to our tradition, Team USA raises these fighters on its own terms. We do not recruit fighters. Some have experience in Muay Thai competition, some have experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while others start completely from ground zero. From any background these gladiators bring much heart and grit into the cage.

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