"There is no education like adversity.''

World Team USA's mixed martial arts classes are a blend of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling. A certain amount of the curriculum focuses on techniques used in the mixed martial arts sport.

World Team USA Mixed Martial Art Fight Team
Ky Hollenbeck MMA
MMA Team

Following our usual tradition, our MMA fighters are all homegrown, making Team USA one of few remaining gyms still dedicated to raising fighters.

We've also gathered a team of the very best instructors to ensure that our reputation for an exceptional curriculum continues.

Unlike the rest of our programs, Mixed Martial Arts at Team USA is geared directly at competition. Students in this program should expect to compete, whether at local shows or at larger sanctioned events.

Marcel Fortuna UFC
Marcel Fortuna UFC
Marcel Fortuna UFC
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