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At Team USA we offer Kung Fu for self - defense, It’s more than just a recreational activity, we offer real martial arts training that will give you:

           • Confidence in your ability to protect yourself

           • Calmer, more relaxed attitude

           • Better health and improved fitness

           • An opportunity to discover your full athletic potential


 Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen is a style of kung fu developed during China’s Ming Dynasty, which ruled during the 17th century. The art was founded and developed by a Buddhist monk using techniques from the five great masters of the Shaolin temple: Lau, Lee, Mok, Hung and Choy many other martial art forms, Shaolin kung fu origins are based in religion. The Shaolin Temple was founded as a part of the Chan Sect, a school of Buddhism adapted to the Chinese culture during the early sixth century. The Chan Sect soon became the dominant Buddhist school in China, with more than 79 percent of the country’s temples practicing its teachings. Two Shaolin temples were built, one for the northern sect and one for the southern. These Shaolin Temples distinguished themselves from the others in that their monks were martial arts experts. Throughout history, and still today, the life of a Shaolin monk is dedicated to studying and living the scriptures of Buddhism, and to intense martial arts training.

Sifu Ricky Der is part of a continuing legacy of Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen (Shaoling Buddist Family Fist). The history and tradition of this martial art dates back hundreds of years, and in many ways reflect the history of the Chinese culture. Sifu Der feels that it is his responsibility to continue this legacy by instructing and spreading Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen to new generations of practitioners. In order to do so, there must be a continuing pool of dedicated students seeking to become a part of Fut Ga’s history. Sifu Der has always taught his students that no martial art form including Fut Ga, is better than any other. Instead, it is the amount of effort and willingness to train and sacrifice that improves the individual, and expands the limits of achievement. Kung fu is a tool that can enhance this self-development. In this way, Sifu Der says, “Kung fu is not just learning how to fight. Kung fu is the way of life.”

Fut Ga’s Defining Characteristics

Reflected in blocks, punches, and kicks – in its simplicity. A major element of speed is traveling the shortest distance between two points. In addition to being the fastest way to travel, the shortest way is also the more efficient tool.

Students spend many class hours training to increase the speed of their hand and kicking techniques. The importance of the walking horse (foundation fotwork) method is how it develops the speed of shifting the practitioner’s stance to match the increased speed of hand and leg movements acquired through training. As noted previously, Fut Ga power is generated through velocity of technique and maintaining the foundation. Therefore, to acquire optimum force behind every move, students must be able to shift stances as quickly as they execute techniques. As the hands and legs become faster, so must the ability to balance and “plant” the foundation.

Sifu Der teaches his students this stance as part of their training routine, but puts more emphasis on moving and shifting stances while maintaining balance and solidity. Learning to shift quickly and smoothly results in faster execution and movement.

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